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Rates & Fees

One of the most common questions that people have a about short term personal loans is:
How much us a loan going to cost me?

The answer to that question can be found in the APR, or Annual Percentage Rate

Representative APR Range is not a lender, so we cannot predict what any lender will charge you for a short term loan. We match you to lenders who do provide loans. The APR that a lender will charge you will be based on the lender’s own policies and the information that you provided in your application form. You will be given full details of a lender’s interest rates and charges when you are redirected to the lender’s web site.

The APR on a short term loan can be between 200% and 2,290%. The exact percentage will depend on the interest rate that the lender applies, charges and fees, and how much the loan is for and for how long the loan is required. The finance charge is not the same thing as the APR. That will be disclosed separately.

How does the APR for a single payment small dollar loan compare to other options?

Here is how the APR on small dollar loans compares with other options: this is based on the extension of $100 credit over 14 days.

Product Type (single repayment) Charge APR
NSF + Bounced Check $45.00 1,173.21%
Overdraft Fee $30.00 782.14%
Late Fee $20.00 521.43%

The Implications of Non-repayment and other Considerations do not charge for the use this matching service and we are not lenders. Consumers are advised to review the terms and conditions of any loans offered to them very carefully before accepting the loan. The lenders in our lender network will present the terms and conditions of any proposed loan before the consumer is asked to indicate their acceptance of the loan arrangement.

The Implications of Late Payment, Partial Payment, or Non-Repayment of a Personal Loan

When you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions of a loan you are also signifying your agreement that you will repay the original amount of the loan and all the charges and interest that have been applied to it. If you do not repay the full amount of the loan, plus the interest and charges, on time, additional fees and charges may be made. cannot advise you what the charges will be for partial payment, late payment, or non-payment. is not a lender, so we have no control over the fees that will be charged on a loan and we have no knowledge of the details of a loan. Consumers are advised to read the loan documents that will have been provided by the lender for information regarding lender’s policy with regards to late payment, partial payment, and non-payment. attempt to ensure that any lender who has been included in the lender network operates reasonable and fair collecting polices.

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