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    Once you have completed the application form, our system will compare your details to lenders in our network of lenders and try to find a match. When a match is identified and you are approved, you will be presented with the details of your loan offer.

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What is American Web Lending? is a service that matches consumers to a network of direct lenders. We match the details that you enter on your application form to lenders who may offer you a fast loan that will help you meet your short term cash needs.

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up to $2,500 with no unnecessary paperwork
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  • Approved even with a poor credit history.

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There will be none of the embarrassment of queuing in a store when you apply for a short term loan via American Web Lending. Simply submit your details using our online form and your funds will be wired to your checking account.

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    You will not be required to visit a store in person

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    All done from the comfort of your own home

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    Your personal information is encrypted with SSL technology, which is the same method that banks use to protect their customer’s personal information

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Important Disclosures

AmericanWebLending is NOT a lender

AmericanWebLending does not grant loans and we are not a lender. AmericanWebLending is a loan matching service that refers consumers to lenders. AmericanWebLending cannot advise consumers in advance of the APR that may be charged on any particular loan. The APR on loans will vary depending on your status. You will be presented with the details of interest and other charges applicable to a loan as a part of the loan application process.

Other Loan Considerations and the Implications of Non-Repayment of Loans makes no charge for the use of this service. Terms and conditions of loans will be presented to consumers before their signing the loan agreement. Consumers are advised to read the terms and conditions of any loan presented to them carefully before they agree to those terms.

Implications of Partial Repayment, Non-Repayment or Late Repayment

By accepting the terms and conditions of the loan, you are entering a legally binding agreement to repay the principal amount of the loan, plus all interest and charges, in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement. Late payment of loans may result in the application of additional fees and charges. is not responsible for any loans so we cannot predict how much the additional charges for late repayment are likely to be. is not a party to any loan agreements made via its website. Consumers should refer to the documentation provided by their lender for information regarding the lender’s policy towards late repayment, partial repayment, and non-repayment of loans.

Interest and Other Charges

Should you be approved for a loan, the lender will provide a schedule of the interest rate, fees and charges applicable to that loan prior to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of that loan. is not a lender and is unable to advise in advance what interest rate and charges may be levied on a loan. Consumers are under no obligation whatsoever to accept loans that may be presented to them.

Credit Score Implications does not carry out credit searches and is not involved in making any credit decisions. Some lenders who are members of the lender network may carry out credit checks on loan applicants, but this is usually carried out through non-traditional credit bureaus, so it may not affect a consumer’s credit rating. Late payment of loans may result in notification of the default to the major credit bureaus by the lender, which will have an adverse effect on a consumer’s credit score. For help with credit issues, you are advised to contact a credit counselling organisation.

Renewal Polices

A lender’s policies in respect of renewals of loans are governed by state law. The lender will advise you of their policy with regards to renewals prior to the loan agreement being signed. You are advised to read these terms carefully before accepting the loan. Personal loans are designed for short term use. It is advisable to repay loans on time to avoid additional charges and fees. If you know that there is a possibility that you may not be able to make the loan repayment on time, it would be advisable to seek alternative sources of finance before you apply for a short term personal loan.

Collection Polices is not a lender and is not responsible for debt collection activities. Your lender’s policies with regards to debt collection will be explained in the loan documents provided by the lender. If you are unclear as to what your lender’s debt collection policies are, you are advised to contact the lender. It is’s policy to endeavour to work only with lenders who use reasonable and fair collection methods.